Effective Presentations with PowerPoint

The Effective Presentations with PowerPoint course covers:

  • strategies for planning, preparing, rehearsing and presenting
  • design considerations, including graphic and audio-visual elements
  • custom PowerPoint features
  • working with text and images
  • creating special effects
  • working with slides, notes, and handouts
  • different types of onscreen presentations
  • broadcasting a presentation
  • creating web presentations

The Effective Presentations with PowerPoint course will be helpful to new and experienced presenters alike. It covers all the strategies to create professional, custom-built presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Effective Presentations with PowerPoint is the only training guide you will need to create cutting-edge, computer-based presentations and contains almost 5 hours of online learning. When you make a presentation, you have a short window of opportunity to make a powerful impression on your audience. PowerPoint is best used as a visual aid to reinforce the key points which you are emphasizing during the presentation. PowerPoint is a powerful presentation tool but take care not to allow it to overwhelm the message that you want to convey to your audience.

Think carefully about the key points that you want to convey and make the presentation interesting and relevant to your audience. Most of us have been to boardroom talks or seminars where we found ourselves switching off mentally simply because the speaker’s lack of presentation skills actually undermined, rather than enhanced, the message that was being delivered.

Program content

Module 1 examines the preliminary planning and research required and discusses the rehearsal process and how to prepare for logistical problems. Module 2 looks at creating the infrastructure and building the framework for a successful presentation. Module 3 takes you through putting the content in place – how much text to add, when to use images and special effects to drive home a point. Module 4 considers the proper use of slides and demonstrates how to use automatic and manual slideshows and considers which is appropriate for a given presentation. Module 5 looks in depth at the the actual delivery of the presentation and shows how you can produce a dynamic presentation if you put all the elements together.

Module 1: Using Presentations
Getting Started Planning and Preparing
Design Guidelines Design Considerations
Working with Graphics, Clip Art, and other Media
Text, Font, and Color
Module 2: Creating a Presentation Using PowerPoint
Features of PowerPoint Wizards and the Office Assistant
Templates and Masters
PowerPoint Views
Creating Presentations Using a Blank Template
Using the AutoContent Wizard
Create a Presentation using a Design Template
Working with Color Schemes
Saving and Printing Saving, Closing and Accessing a Presentation
Printing a Presentation
Exercise Creating a Slide Presentation
Module 3: Adding Content to your Presentation
Adding Text Adding text in Placeholders and Text Boxes
Adding Text with Masters
Bulleted Lists and Paragraphs
Inserting Images Adding Graphic Objects Using the Slide Master
Drawing Objects
Working with Graphs
Adding Special Effects Special Effects Overview
Animating Text
Adding Multimedia Objects to Slides
Finding and Working with Multimedia Objects
Exercise Modifying a Presentation
Module 4: Working with Slides
Viewing and Modifying Slides Using Views to Work with Slides
Copying Slides from another Presentation
Creating Custom Shows
Viewing Custom Shows
Setting up a Summary Slide
Using Notes and Handouts Working with Notes
Using the Notes Master
Editing and Printing Notes
Creating Audience Handouts
Running a Slide Show Creating Slide Transitions
Manual Slide Show Timing
Automatic Show Timings
Starting and Setting up a Show Slide
Module 5: Delivering Presentations
Onscreen Presentations Using a Second Monitor or a Projector
Packing a Presentation
Unpacking a Presentation
Setting up a Self-running Presentation
Online Meetings
Broadcast Presentations Setting Up and Scheduling a Broadcast
Scheduling a New Broadcast
Starting a Broadcast
Viewing a Broadcast
Web Presentations Creating a Web Presentation
Action Buttons and Hyperlinks
Saving and Publishing a Web Page

The Effective Presentations with PowerPoint online training will equip you with all the skills you need to confidently produce dynamic, interactive presentations which will make an impact on any audience.

Effective Presentations with PowerPoint:

  • is modular
  • is fully comprehensive
  • includes objectives, summaries, questions, and simulated exercises
  • is graphically illustrated
  • is easily navigable
  • allows bookmarking within the current session
  • is accessible to English first and second-language speakers
  • costs only $39.00 (Single User License)

Buy now and access “Effective Presentations with PowerPoint” online today!

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