HIPAA compliance training

The HIPAA Compliance Training course covers:

  • an overview of HIPAA
  • electronic transaction processing
  • HIPAA security procedures and requirements
  • HIPAA privacy procedures and requirements

The HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations stipulate that any person who has access to protected health information is required to undergo training on HIPAA policy and that documentation is provided to prove that the training has been completed.

HIPAA Online TrainingHIPAA: Administrative Simplification contains almost five hours of online training to guide you through the HIPAA provisions for the use, transmission, security and privacy of healthcare data for HIPAA compliance. This online course comprehensively addresses the issues of the final privacy and security rules and the standards for electronic transactions.

HIPAA regulations cover a broad spectrum and may impact a range of health care professionals as well as providers to the health care industry who have access to personal health information at:

  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • clinics
  • dental practices
  • billing companies/insurance companies
  • call centers
  • medical equipment providers

HIPAA: Administrative Simplification is suitable for all personnel across the spectrum of the healthcare and medical industry. The training meets the highest e-learning instructional design standards and can be studied individually or in groups, at home or in an organization.

Program content

Module 1: HIPAA Introduction
  • HIPAA Overview
  • Covered Entities and Compliance
Module 2: Electronic Transaction Processing
  • Standard Transactions
  • Code Sets
  • Unique identifiers
Module 3: HIPAA Security
  • HIPAA Security Overview
  • Security Administrative Procedures
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Security Administrative Procedures
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Technical Security Services
  • Security For Network Communications
Module 4: HIPAA Privacy (Part 1)
  • HIPAA Privacy Overview
  • Uses and Disclosures
  • Disclosures Without Permission
  • Disclosures For Public Health and Safety
  • Privacy Administrative Requirements
Module 5: HIPAA Privacy (Part 2)
  • Individual Rights
  • Relationships With Third Parties
  • Organizations With Multiple Entries

HIPAA: Administrative Simplification:

  • includes objectives, summaries, questions, and module tests
  • is easily navigable
  • allows bookmarking within the current session
  • is accessible to English first and second-language speakers
  • costs only $39.00 for a Single User License

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