Rapid conversion of content to e-learning

Making the transfer of information more interactive, engaging and trackable has become a compliance and talent engagement imperative for many organizations. There is a need to quickly and cost-effectively convert PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations into e-learning formats that enable the staff members to engage fully with critical SOPs, procedures, onboarding information, sales information, health and safety guidelines etc. in a format that is communicated in a more interactive way. Talent engagement requires this. Good management requires it. Due diligence in terms of staff safety and well-being requires the demonstrability that having the content in a testable and trackable format enables.

The conversion needs to be quick, cheap and easily updateable. It needs to run easily on an existing LMS or from your organization’s website. As a learning and development manager or as a talent engagement or HR person, you might already have tried to use an off-the-shelf tool that purports to make it easy to convert a PPTX or PDF directly to e-learning. So you already know that it takes some know-how and that you are too busy in your everyday work to keep up with the various SCORM standards and accessibility guidelines around e-learning development.

That’s where we come in. We have created www.elearningconvert.com as a separate workshop window for quick and inexpensive conversion of documents to e-learning modules. It is still overseen by experienced learning design professionals at Laragh. It’s simple: you fill in a short form and send us your file. We send you a cost estimate. The job gets done in days, and the option to make updates as the need arises is also inexpensively available.

It’s for those 80% of communications that are currently in documents you’re pretty sure people are signing off on without fully reading. Where it turns out that you want to add more, we’re here with very experienced people ready to create engagement and course tests, using their learning design or visual design know-how as required.

Why not give it a try?

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