Outsource your e-learning development to Laragh

For offshore e-learning partnerships that run like in-house solutions.

We are proud that after 26 years we remain trusted e-learning content development partners with the world’s top e-learning and technology providers.

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Reasons why companies outsource to Laragh

Onshore quality

Our instructional design staff are highly educated and experienced first-language English speakers. Our graphic design staff too do not require micro-level direction and, besides being skilled professional designers, are comfortable interpreting how best to illustrate English-language text within the framework of a particular learning curriculum.

One-stop development service

No piecemeal break up of your development process. Unlike most offshore vendors we offer a genuine full build service: conceptualization, instructional design, technical writing, editing, graphic design, integration, QA, and localization.

Experience and expertise

In 25 years we have produced over 12,000 courses in virtually all areas of IT training, business skills, finance, and regulatory compliance. We have built e-learning to a wide range of formats and treatments.

Low PM costs

With Laragh you get a better outsourcing experience. You do not get the ‘hidden’ ongoing project management headaches associated with quality and schedule attrition. We only commit to what we have the capacity to deliver. Thereafter, every aspect of your course development cycle is managed professionally from our side, eliminating the headaches for you.


We advise with honesty and commit only to what we believe can be delivered. Your source materials are protected; your hardware, software and all other IP is returned to you; your development relationship with Laragh is handled as discreetly as you wish it to be.


High quality, on time, and within cost; Laragh delivers consistently.

High staff retention

We have several of our original staff members and boast a cumulative experience base that would be hard to match. This means that our team stays on your project, while our understanding of your development culture, your requirements, and your in-house standards does not dissipate part way through a project.

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