Ethics and Values

We believe that organizational ethics are not an add-on. They are those railings that an organization will always operate within, regardless of any financial incentive or social influence. It’s worthwhile for every company to state their ethical guidelines so that all employees, clients, and vendors know what is never going to be negotiable. However, for a company that has operated successfully for a considerable period, the truth of what its ethics actually are, is told by its quiet everyday record as much as by any aspirational proclamation.

To describe Laragh’s ethics, we looked at what has remained constant in our engagements since we began over a quarter century ago.


Since our start in 1996, we have always deliberately cultivated a safe and friendly work experience for all colleagues, showing consideration and respect that is not calibrated by presumptions about micro-national or racial identities, culture, faith, gender, or orientation.


Regardless of any client’s style guides or requirements, we ensure that content we create for them is free of presumptions that would leave any learner feeling lesser or excluded based on their gender, orientation, ethnicity, or ability.


Our staff always engage with people from client organizations as colleagues and import their project objectives as our own. We have internal processes to ensure that IP we originate is consistently high quality and will never leave the client exposed to charges of plagiarism, cultural insensitivity, or falling short on WCAG or NASBA compliance. We generally absorb miscellaneous scope changes that our client-side colleagues had not budgeted for, as we would for internal colleagues. We do not name our clients on our website and we maintain other firebreaks that put client data and IP at a further remove in the event of cyber-attacks.


The long-term, quality relationships we have cultivated with our suppliers and support companies are grounded in mutual respect and a commitment to provide excellent service to our clients.