Laragh Courseware was founded in 1996 by Tom O’Neill, who brought considerable experience within the international e-learning industry to bear on the Laragh vendor proposition. As owner and Executive Director, Tom’s goal was to establish Laragh as a small, reliable, trusted content development partner that operates within a unique niche in the e-learning industry.

“Over a quarter century, my simple idea is unchanged: a learning organization learns. We construct and retain understandings of our clients’ educational philosophy, learner profiles, methodologies, time-to-market constraints, and toolsets.”

Tom O’Neill, Executive Director

At Laragh, we offer offshore development with the same level of start-to-finish quality, service, and fidelity as that of an onshore partnership. Through the years, we have consistently maintained our focus on providing reliable and flexible e-learning outsourcing services to a small number of highly valued clients.

Our management

We have a small but highly effective and committed management team, led by Tom O’Neill, owner and Executive Director, and Marian Oliver, our Managing Director.

Drawing of Tom O'Neill
Tom O’Neill

With an array of qualifications to his name, it’s no surprise that learning is one of Tom’s passions. In the 1980s, he developed early computer-based training programs while leading a science teacher education project in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He was also a Learning Design Manager in Dublin’s nascent e-learning industry, before establishing Laragh Courseware in Cape Town. Tom’s leadership has played a key role in Laragh’s steady growth over the years.

Drawing of Marian Oliver
Marian Oliver

As one of Laragh’s founding members, Marian has extensive experience in e-learning development, project management, HR, and client relationship-building. In her role as Managing Director, she’s responsible for day-to-day operations and works closely with Laragh’s management team to ensure the smooth running of the company. Her passion for excellence and efficiency has contributed to Laragh’s continued success in the field of e-learning.

Our culture

At Laragh, we strive to nurture a culture of excellence. We have high expectations, a high degree of individual accountability, and a flat organizational structure – factors that contribute to independence, creativity, and a strong sense of value that is reflected in the service we provide to our clients. We are proud that as well as maintaining development relationships over many years, several of our original staff members remain in our employ.

Our aim is to work together within an environment of honesty, integrity, and trust. Courtesy, respect, and cooperation is our mantra.

Our location

An aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa.

Laragh’s main development center is in Cape Town, South Africa. We also have a company presence in Kilkenny, Ireland. With the introduction of remote working, we have broadened our work base; today, we have staff members who operate within other regions within South Africa, as well as other countries. Wherever we are, we take pride in ensuring that our clients receive only the best results.

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