Skills and Capabilities

Laragh’s dedicated e-learning content development team has a significant amount of experience spread across various key roles. 

In this way, skills and capabilities are passed on through ongoing mentoring and formal training sessions. Aided by a high staff retention rate, we continue to nurture and grow our core competencies.

“Our passion for learning is at the core of everything we do.”

Tom O’Neill, Executive Director

Key Roles

Laragh’s graphic designers are proficient in the most current Adobe Creative Cloud design applications. They communicate closely with instructional writers and other stakeholders to conceptualize and create balanced graphics that complement a wide range of content. Ever cognizant of the need for graphics hosted across various browsers and interfaces, our designers can render standalone icons and infographics or graphics for use in HD videos, to achieve the best results across various platforms. The team is also adept at sourcing and editing appropriate stock imagery to support the content.

Our instructional writers are tertiary-qualified first-language English speakers, adept at conducting research and writing content for a range of audiences. Skilled in producing content in various styles, tones, and formats, their writing is aimed at meeting the desired learning outcomes in an accessible and impactful manner. They use a variety of tools, as well as clients’ proprietary development software, to script courseware. Well-experienced in quickly grasping the subject matter presented to them, our writers work closely with our graphic designers to offer input into how content is illustrated.

Laragh’s language editors, as the custodians of the quality of the text, are fully familiar with the range of writing styles and standards for various products. They also keep up to date with changes to the style guides for each of our clients. In addition, our editors are experienced in developing style guides for writing projects. They edit all text deliverables and, in a dual pass, check them for punctuation, grammar, style, language, fluency, structure, and meaning. They also pay close attention to learning design and graphic design issues that impact the text.

Schooled in learning design theory, our learning designers understand the need to structure educational content in a way that best supports learners in their quest to achieve their learning objectives. From the get-go, learning designers dive into the planning phase of e-learning development – from curriculum to course level, to topic level. Taking care to align course plans to external exam objectives, as needed, our learning designers also ensure that content adequately prepares learners for certification.

Our localization team specializes in converting e-learning courses from English into other languages – including French, Spanish, German, and Dutch. Working closely with language translators, voice artists, and subject matter experts throughout the world, we draw on our team’s expertise in processing localized audio, localization engineering, and localization design to provide training material that is sympathetic to cultural nuances and the needs of different audiences, allowing for a truly global reach.

Laragh’s project managers help ensure that projects run smoothly, are delivered on time, and meet client requirements. All project managers are closely involved in the projects they oversee – from planning to execution – ultimately ensuring that the work produced is of the highest standard. They also possess extensive client relationship management experience.

Our quality assurance specialists, known for their attention to detail and keen ability to spot even the smallest of errors, ensure that our product offerings undergo rigorous checking of text, graphics, and usability features to ensure clients receive the best e-learning products possible.

Our team of video creators develop and edit bespoke e-learning video content to incorporate a range of design elements and styles. The team is proficient in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, and uses various methods such as 2D animation, infographics, and manipulation of stock imagery to bring videos to life. Our video editors eagerly conceptualize and storyboard content from scripts to create engaging and sleek video content. They can also create professional videos from sources such as PowerPoint presentations and have experience in the postproduction of raw footage for video use.

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