Responsible AI Usage

Various kinds of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) have increasingly valuable roles in learning technology environments. For example, AI can be impressively deployed across a library in content discovery and in individualizing learning journeys by learner profile.

Responsible use of generative AI in education and training recognizes the strengths and limitations of the software. We use AI only with the explicit direction of a client, and we supply it only with approved source materials. This requires more vigilant planning, learning design and subject matter expert validation than material fully originated by a trained instructional designer, which in turn means that the efficiency gains are not as compelling as might be the case in some other fields. So much so that in several content areas (e.g. legal compliance, engineering SOPs, OSHA regulations) we encourage clients to rely instead on our experience and conventional processes to develop robust, assuredly accurate content, efficiently.

In the hands of experienced learning designers there are, nonetheless, good applications in support of learning design. The Laragh team has a good head start in this area. Over the past four years we have produced training on AI, ML and LLM (large language models) processing for various clients. We have also used ChatGPT in a controlled setting and developed internal guidelines for safe deployment on learning material development.