The Pitfalls of DIY Conversion of Documents Into e-Learning Courses

Why Outsourcing Document Conversion is the Answer

The benefits of using e-learning for organizations in terms of skills development are well-established. Therefore, it’s not surprising that companies are starting to consider online learning to deliver other materials – like onboarding, compliance, or guideline documents – that have traditionally been presented in trusty Word, PDF, or PPT formats.

Convert documents into e-learning

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Sure, I can do that myself.” You already have your PPT, PDF, or DOCX files handy and ready to go, so surely you can just cut and paste your content into one of the many available online learning platforms?

But here’s where you need to take a step back and consider the reality of what this process really entails; because the conversion of PPT presentations and other documents into interactive e-learning courses is not as simple as you might imagine.

With so many LMS and e-learning platforms available, you’re spoiled for choice. But do you, as a CEO, HR manager, team leader, or even director of Learning and Development, know what the best platform is to showcase your content? Is learning how to navigate e-learning software the best use of your time and skills? Because, despite the promotional material advertising these learning platforms as “easy-to-use,” one needs only to glance at e-learning product message boards to see the frustration of new users.

Trying to get to grips with the multitude of functions, layouts, and settings of these programs is not something you can achieve overnight. Additionally, you’ll also need to consider how to present your content in an engaging and dynamic manner. Are you familiar with the best way to divide information in a way that’s conducive to active learning? Are you skilled at writing assessment questions? Do you know how to responsibly source imagery or understand the way in which graphics impact the learning experience?

Convert from flat documents to interactive e-learning

Leave it to the professionals

Common sense dictates that some tasks are best left to the professionals. Here at Laragh Courseware, we offer a cost-effective service aimed specifically at meeting this need, e-Learning Convert.

With decades of experience in the e-learning industry, our e-Learning Convert service team can seamlessly convert your PPT, PDF, and DOCX documents into engaging and interactive online courses – saving you time and effort.

If you’re worried about the integrity of your content, you can rest easy. We understand that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into the content of your SOPs, onboarding material, compliance guidelines, and other company documentation, and respect that you are the authority on your source material. Our service does not involve altering your content, but rather converting its method of delivery into an interactive and engaging online learning experience.

Now you can make that switch from static PowerPoint, Word, and PDF documents to interactive e-learning, while avoiding the pitfalls and frustrations of an unfamiliar conversion process.

Embrace Efficient Solutions to Your e-Learning Needs

Document Conversion Made Easy with e-Learning Convert

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix it

One of the main obstacles to e-learning is the hefty time and cost implications of creating and developing courseware from scratch – from concept development to course design and finally implementation and use, even a beginner course requires great effort and expertise.

Certainly, for many organizations, the idea of a lengthy e-learning development process – no matter the benefits – can be daunting. The outlook changes, however, if you have existing Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents that have already been crafted, curated, and ready to go. If this is the case, it naturally won’t be feasible to expend a large amount of time and money re-writing content that already suits your needs. After all, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

Enter document conversion

Fortunately, there are e-learning companies such as Laragh that recognize the need for organizations to be able to quickly convert existing source material (gather your DOCX, PPT, and PDF files!) into engaging, interactive e-learning courses that can be tracked and routinely updated with ease. Offering services like e-Learning Convert that are readily available, it’s possible to transform your trusty (and likely dusty!) Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files into intuitive, accessible e-learning courses that will be professionally designed by a team of skilled and experienced learning designers.

Your ready-made content is bursting for a new lease on life – e-Learning Convert promises to deliver.

Converting SOPs to e-Learning

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are essential to the functioning of many enterprises. Some organizations – for example, in the pharma sector – have thousands of them floating around with employees receiving constant reminders of an ever-updating list of documents and PDFs that they must make themselves familiar with.

SOPs are written and promulgated to regulate and control processes. Yet, even in the largest enterprises, they represent a vulnerability – they come in so many shapes and sizes, via multiple media, that the control of their uptake is patchy at best. Some high-visibility SOPs already get converted to conventional full-blown e-learning.

But more than 80% remain in static or semi-static documents, PDFs, and PowerPoints. Yet, by definition, this is mission-critical information. It is essential that the relevant staff come to know the information that is in an SOP – otherwise it would not be in an SOP.

Everyone who creates an SOP would like better ways of transmitting the vital information it contains. Everyone would like to know that learners have engaged with the content and taken it on board. Everyone would like better ways of verifying this. Most organizations know that even when a PDF is uploaded into a learning management system (LMS) and laid out in attractively designed pages, learners struggle to get through the information, and only minimal shell-level tracking occurs. Timed PowerPoints are only marginally better. You cannot see which sections learners are struggling with or encourage them to interact with the material in a tangible way. Most organizations know that converting their SOP to an e-learning module would help resolve these problems. But until now, there has been no easy way to do this.

Addressing the obstacles to converting SOPs into e-learning

The main reasons more SOPs are not converted into e-learning courses that would assure engagement and knowledge transfer are:

  • Cost: It is traditionally quite expensive to commission an e-learning company to custom-build your content.
  • Time: Generally, when the need for a new SOP becomes apparent, you want it done in days, not in months.
  • Revisions: Some SOPs need to be revised every few months. It is not practicable to do this with a traditional custom-built e-learning module.
  • Organizational obstacles: There will be no enterprise-wide program of conversion because SOPs are found in multiple formats on multiple platforms, and are owned by people from a wide array of job functions. So, the individual SOP creator cannot wait for a company-wide initiative to roll out new information.

Using e-Learning Convert makes the conversion of SOPs into e-learning that much easier

Recognizing the real need for organizations to make their SOPs more accessible to employees, Laragh set up e-Learning Convert, a service offering designed to address this problem. e-Learning Convert is not aimed at getting enterprises signed up for a multiyear custom e-learning contract. It is aimed at helping learning managers and process owners within large or small organizations address a local conversion need quickly and cost-effectively.

We save on cost by streamlining the process and restricting the course layout to one of three formats that have been designed to address almost any need. Each conversion is supervised by experienced instructional designers, which ensures that the product’s cost-effectiveness does not sacrifice quality.

We save on time by streamlining the process. For this service, our assumption is that the creator of the SOP knows exactly what the course needs to communicate. We do not enter into a recursive series of development steps with you as we would when building e-learning from scratch. We simply convert what you have created into e-learning. We provide a clear and quick mechanism for revisions. Where the SOP we have converted to e-learning is subject to amendments, we offer a quick and reasonably priced revision service.

Because the e-Learning Convert service is modular, it means you do not have to wait for organization-wide changes in how SOPs and other information transfer is handled. You can do the best for the learners local to you. With a range of course file formats available, you can load the course on whatever platform is currently available to you. And because the cost is low, you can give the conversion service a test-drive without waiting for strategic direction changes.